“It is not just the Zapatistas who are fighters of resistance. There are many groups who have also made a weapon of resistance: indigenous peoples, workers, women, homosexuals, lesbians, students, young people. Above all there are young people, men and women who name their own identities: punk, ska, goth, metal, thrasher, rapper, hip-hopper. If we look at what they all have in common, we will see that they have nothing in common, that they are all different. They are others. And that is exactly what we have in common, that we are other and different. Not only that, we also have in common that we are fighting to continue being other and different, and that is why we are resisting.”
_ _ _
“But we chose not to sell ourselves, not to surrender. Because it so happens that we are indigenous, and we are also fighters. And fighters are fighters because they are fighting for something. And we, the Zapatistas, are fighting for good homes, good food, good health, a good price for our work, good lands, good education, respect for the culture, the right to information, liberty, independence, justice, democracy, and peace. Yes, we are fighting for all of that—for everyone, not just for ourselves.”
_ _ _
“We Zapatistas say, I am as I am and you are as you are. Let’s build a world where I can be, and not have to cease being me, where you can be, without having to cease being you, a world where many worlds fit.”
Subcomandante Marcos
[these selections were first transcribed from a video message delivered by Marcos to a roundtable titled “From the Underground Culture to the Culture of Resistance,” held at Alicia Multiforum in Mexico City on October 26, 1999]

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