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Como saber se uma posição anunciada no site de HR da UCDavis já tem dono? Simples! Basta procurar por requerimentos absolutamente micro-detalhados e únicos. Vejam o exemplo dessa posição [que seria perfeita pra mim, se…..]

UC Davis Job Opportunity
Web Designer (Computer Resource Spec. I)
$2,681.00 – $3,685.00/Mo
(Salary stated full time, actual salary based on hours worked)
Final Filing Date 08-21-02
This position is located in: Global Livestock CRSP and is represented by a union.
Requirements: Excellent computer skills. Fluency in Russian language. Demonstrated experience and knowledge of Macintosh OS preferred. Demonstrated experience in the design, creation and maintenance of web sites. Demonstrated skills to code web pages using HTML and graphic design software. Experience in creating web-based databases, calendars, archival systems and interactive forms. Demonstrated skills to design and maintain databases. Strong organizational and time management skills and ability to prioritize workload; flexibility to shift priorities to meet deadlines. Ability and initiative to work independently with minimal supervision. Ability to work cooperatively as part of a team. Excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills and effective listening skills to analyze issues and present information and recommendations concisely; to work with people from diverse cultural background and education. Excellent grammar, proofreading and editing skills both in English and Russian. Initiative and creativity to apply innovative concepts to problem solving.
what the heck!!!! Precisa ser FLUENTE EM RUSSO pra trabalhar nesse emprego?? Nem precisa perder tempo preenchendo papelada, porque essa posição já tem um candidato….

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