The Orquestra no Sac Bee


Sao Paulo orchestra proves electrifying by William Glackin.
“The Orquestra de Sao Paulo was founded about 50 years ago, but it has a young look. This was a performance that looked as intense as it sounded. Minczuk was molding its melodies to powerful heights of feeling. And it was not only affecting to hear, it was affecting to see. It was electrifying — a transforming experience.
For many of us in this mature-looking audience, it may have seemed late in the day for Tchaikovsky’s 5th to be transformed. It was that kind of performance. The ovation was immediate.
It went on so long there was an encore. Wisely, Minczuk didn’t attempt to recall the emotional level of the Fifth, but the encore was well done: Heitor Villa Lobos’ Prelude for his Bachianas Brasileiras No. 4, a matter of repeatedly rising themes. It was a fitting tribute to Brazil’s great composer.”

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