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A vida perigosa de Davis, CA, compilada e reportada no jornalzinho da UCDavis, The California Aggie. Vale a pena ler as atividades dos meliantes e da bandidagem local. E pensar que tem gente que reclama que aqui não acontece nada…. ora, ora!
Flushed out, burned out
A Davis Police Departament officer was called on the 3000 block of Ascada Place on Wednesday morning when a suspicious fire was reported. After making contact with the reporting party, the officer discovered that the inside of a portable toilet had been burned.
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One man’s treasure, another man’s trash
A reporting party called the DPD on Wednesday to report that an unknown suspect had stolen a laptop computer and a briefcase from his vehicle that was parked on the 1000 block of Raphael Place. The suspect also rummaged through the glove box and removed several papers, which were later found by the victim on a greenbelt approximately 250 feet from his residence. Police were not able to find any collectable evidence at the scene. This case has been suspended.
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Unlucky lush
On Wednesday, a suspect took an alcoholic beverage from a store located on the 800 block of Russell Boulevard and fled without paying. A store employee detained him outside and forced the suspect to return the merchandise. The suspect was escorted to the store’s office to wait until police arrived. The suspect then ran out the back of the store and was chased down by an employee who tackled him in the parking lot. The employee held the suspect there until officers arrived. The suspected was then booked at the DPD and lodged at the Yolo County Jail.
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A victim called the DPD on Wednesday to report that an unknown suspect had cut the fence on her propriety located on the 3000 block of Covell Boulevard. Because the suspect did this, the victim’s horses were let out. There are no witnesses or suspects at this time. The victim requested extra patrol from the DPD.
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Next time, lock your bike!
On Wednesday afternoon a victim observed a suspect walk to the front porch of her residence on the 1000 block of Yukon Street and ride away on her bicicle, which was parked unlocked on the front porch. The victim last saw the suspect riding down the street. The estimate loss is $250. Police checked the area for the suspects, with negative results. This case is suspended pending further information on the suspect.
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Threatening phone calls
A victim called the DPD on Wednesday to report that she had received a threatening phone call. The man on the other end of the line said “I’ll kill you if you did what you said” and hung up. The victim has no idea who the caller was. This has not happened to the victim in the past. She asked the DPD to make a report for documentation.
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Parece que o movimento criminal aqui em Davis se agiliza nas quartas-feiras, hein? Que meda!!! hehe!

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