Janis in Brazil


No livro do Ben Fong-Torres tem uma pequena entrevista que ele fez com a Janis Joplin em 1970. Ela tinha deixado sua banda original Big Brother and the Holding Company, estava ensaiando com outro grupo, pronta pra gravar um novo álbum. E tinha voltado de uma viagem pela América do Sul.

Before settlind down in her new house, Janis had spent several weeks in South America, getting her head clogged and cleared at the same time. The clogging came in Rio de Janeiro, whose police make U.S. cops look like baby-sitters.
“It’s vicious, man. If you’ve got long hair they can drag you off and never let you out. There’s no judicial system at all there. The cops rape people, put dogs to guy’s balls. And people think we’ve got it bad…”
Up in the Brazilian coast, Salvador was completely different. “No cops. In fact, there was nothing there, no entertainment. So it ended up for three nights with me and my friends going to this big whorehouse that had this four-piece band. And I sang with them.”

Bom, como isso aconteceu nos anos 70, podemos pôr a culpa na ditadura….. Será que o Serguei confirma essa história? Ouch!

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